POP Quiz

 What exactly is a Rosepop?

A Rosepop is a preserved rose arrangement with a unique twist.  Our roses begin their journey to you nestled inside our beautiful boxes and once received, ribbons are pulled and roses will POP up out of the box for all to admire.

 Are Rosepops Roses real?

Yes! Rosepops roses are real. Our roses come from the finest Ecuadorian farms. They have a beautiful shape and luster and feel soft to the touch. Their preservation process enables Rosepops Roses to retain their supple lustre for many months.

 How are Rosepops roses preserved?

Rosepops roses are preserved using only all natural techniques. Picked at peak bloom, roses are left to release excess moisture. Add a bit of all natural wax to the base of the rose and, Voila! A perfectly preserved rose.

 How do I care for my Rosepop?

As much as you might be tempted to, do not water your roses! Also avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. (Windowsills not the best place to pop down your) POP. Other than that, all you have to do is enjoy.

 How long will my Rosepop last?

If you keep your Rosepop out of direct sunlight, your roses will remain robust for many months and even up to a year, or dare we say, longer? We think we dare…

 Are the roses used at Rosepops the same quality as other, more expensive Preserved Rose boutiques?

Yes! If not better! We scoured many farms before landing on the one that grows the specific rose varietal that POPs to perfection and stands the test of time. The reason our price point is lower than our competitors is because our patent pending POP up packaging enables our POPs to ship economically and with great ease. 

 What else sets Rosepops apart from other Preserved Rose boutiques?

Aside from the delightful effect of the POP, every Rosepop has room for a personal note to your POP’ee. This note is printed inside the lid of your POP so that your loved one can always have it on hand. Rosepops also offers other ways to personalize your POP with charms, monograms and even photos!

 How long does it take for a Rosepop order to ship out?

Standard POPs (without custom upgrades) will ship out within one business day of orders being placed. For more customized POPs, we aim to ship out within 2-3 business days of orders being placed.

 Once POP'ped, can I put my roses back down if I need to?

Yes you can, although this takes a bit of care. So as not to crush your roses, gently slide fingers around the roses until you feel the foam beneath them. Press down on the foam and your roses will settle back down. Pull ribbon and watch the magic happen all over again when your roses POP!

 Does Rosepops ship internationally?

Not yet. At the moment, Rosepops ships only within the United States.

 Does Rosepops do bulk orders corporate, wedding or otherwise?

Yes! We love bulk orders and have many tricks up our sleeves to ensure that your order reflects your unique demands. All bulk orders must be placed 6 weeks in advance in order to ensure timely delivery. Please email us about bulk orders at customerservice@rosepops.com. Be sure to include a phone number and we will get back to you to review the specifications of your order.

 Does Rosepops accept returns?

Rosepops does not, unfortunately, accept returns.  As each POP is assembled by hand and personalized with a printed message inside, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. For extenuating circumstances, please email us at customerservice@rosepops.com to bring to our attention any unusual experience you might be having with your POP.